Truthfully, the Rain in Spain is Mainly on the Coasts

01/03/2012 § Leave a comment

Links for early Spring:

Apple flips out over Amazon…

While Amazon flips out over ebook prices….

Leading Mathew Ingram to muse intelligently about both.

A team of three reporters, of which I’m lucky to be one, has launched a new documentary project about Spain’s unemployment crisis.

An exciting, new magazine led by an editor so clever, she really ought to have been obligated to go to medical school instead of into publishing, will be both a bi-monthly and a daily, via a re-launched website.

Pablo Barrio of the digital design house Ganso y Pulpo (“Goose and Octopus”) will be co-running a workshop on non-fiction ebooks with me next week, part of the XIII Digital Journalism Congress.

The US men’s national soccer team beats powerhouse Italy 1-0 when a child of Haitian immigrants passes a ball to a guy from a trailer park on the Mexican border, who scores. Italy rues an injury to its own team’s star, who is from, naturally, Teaneck, New Jersey.


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